Welcome to Greenlee Family Farms, we are a small family farm near Bidwell, Ohio.  We raise grassfed beef and pastured chicken. Owners Phil and Cheryl Greenlee, along with their sons, took over the family farm in 2002. We are the third generation to own the farm over the last 100+ years.

After taking over the farm, we ran it as a conventional cow-calf operation. With ever increasing input costs and lower profit margins, we started looking for a better way.  With managed grazing and a grass based cow herd already in place, grass fed beef was a natural fit. In 2006 we butchered our first two 100% grass fed beeves. By selling quarters and halves and giving samples to anyone who would try , we slowly built our sales over the next few years.

In 2012 we started selling retail cuts at the Gallia County Farmers Market, with the help of R&C Packing. With lots of inquiries about Chicken we decided to start raising them in 2014.

All of our animals are raised in the most natural ways we can. No animals are ever given antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, or GMO feed. Cattle have free choice salt and minerals available, and are fed hay and baleage when pasture is not available in winter. Chickens are fed GMO-free grain and raised on grass in mobile “chicken tractors” that get moved daily.