Welcome, March 15,2015

March 15, 2015

After some contemplation, I have decided to attempt to join the blogging world. I am by no means a professional writer, but thought it would be nice to post some thoughts and things going on at the farm. I don’t know how often I will do this, but hopefully I can find time  once a month to do this.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you, our valued customers.  Without you, none of what we do would be possible.

It’s not officially spring yet, but while driving around the farm today, I could definitely see the signs of it.  Some grass is just starting to turn green, and not a moment to soon. We are still feeding hay to our cows, and expect to do so for 2-3 more weeks. It will then be the beginning of grazing season. We graze cows in a rotational system where they are given a fresh patch of grass everyday.  After the cows have been in an area they will not see that patch again for at least 30-45 days. By grazing in this manner the cows always have plenty of fresh food, the plants stay healthier, and our grazing season is extended by 60 days a year.  We started calving about a week ago. Our first calf was born an hour before the big snow. The next calf was born the next day in a foot of snow. All are doing well.

We just got our first batch of broiler chicks for the year. They will be ready to butcher the first part of May. This is our second season doing Broilers, it has been a hectic but enjoyable experience. We  have gotten back a lot of positive feedback on our chicken so far. We had multiple reasons for getting into chickens, one was you our customers. We got a lot of questions about where you could find local pasture raised chicken.  Another reason was the amount of fertility the chickens would return back to our soil. Chicken manure provides a lot of stabilized nitrogen and phosphorus to the soil, providing more and better grass for the cattle. This leads us to the third reason. We can do them on the same land as the cattle, without taking pasture from them. This relationship is a win, win situation.

I could go on, but I need to leave something to write about next time.



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