Chicks, Turkeys and Farmers Market Mar.28

Winter has seemed to have come back for a couple of days. Hopefully it is about over. Calving is about done for the year, we have one or two cows left to calve. So far 75% of our calves have been heifers, great for increasing or herd, but may be fewer to butcher next year.  To alleviate this problem,  we have a couple other small producers in Gallia County that use our bulls, that we buy some of their calves. This ensures that we can buy  back the same genetics that we raise here. It also gives them another market for their calves. They also go by the same guidelines as we do in caring for their animals.

Our first batch of chicks are 2 weeks old now. One more week or so in the brooder and they will be ready to hit the pasture. Our next group is due here Friday after Easter. This gives us just enough time to clean and sanitize the brooder for the second group. The first batch goes to slaughter About May 8-9.  As soon as they leave, the second group will head to pasture and another group will be started in the brooder. This process will continue till about Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are going to raise a group of turkeys for the holidays.  I will give more details at a later date, but I do know we will require pre-order and a deposit. Anyone interested, we will start taking orders about May1 until July 1.

The Gallia County Farmers Market starts May 2, at the city park and May 7, at the  Medical Shoppe. I know we are kind of a small market, but the vendors work very hard at making it a good market.  All of our vendors are local, small businesses that put a lot of time and effort into their products. I know we are not the size of, or have the selection that Athens has, but that market has been in existence for over 30 years, and is considered one of the best in the country.  The Gallipolis market has a lot of growth potential. I encourage everyone to come visit, and we are always looking for more vendors.(I think there would be good potential for a baker specializing in different breads.)  There is no better way to buy your food than straight from the person who raised or made it. It’s also very gratifying to us when some one tells how much they enjoyed our meat, and how thankful they are that they can purchase good, clean, healthy meat from a local producer.

Buy local, Eat local.