Spring Happenings

Spring is here, kind of, or at least it was here for a while. Looks to be a bit more wintery the next few days. The cows are getting very antsy, wanting turned out on the lush green grass. Most years they would be on it by now, but this year, due to having a few more than we should, we are waiting until we will have enough grass to maintain them. It won’t be too many more days and they will be enjoying the fresh lush grass.  We have our first batch of chickens started for this season, they are still in the brooder house for another week, hoping the temperature gets a little warmer so they can handle being out in the cold nights.

We are still trying to get the rest of the funds together for our store. At this time we only have $1500 left to go. Anyone who would still like to purchase a gift card, we still have some available.  We will have the store up and going as soon as we can, it might not be as early as we want, but we should be open by July 1.

Even though we won’t be open yet, please don’t hesitate to contact us for anything you need. We are still doing our monthly drop-offs in Jackson, and they are going very well. We are gaining new customers there almost monthly. Thanks to all of you in Jackson county for your support. When summer gets here, we will be doing the Jackson Farmers market every other week instead of the regular drop-offs.  We will also have the store open on Saturdays, so you can shop here, and visit our friends at Merry Family Winery. We are only about a mile down the road from them, so come on down and give us both a visit.

Most of our customers buy our product because they want good, clean healthy food. We know that you put a lot of trust in us saying that what we raise is what it is. We are as transparent as possible with what we do and anyone is welcome to visit and see how we raise our animals. We do not put any claims on our labels, because of legal reasons, government regulations, and cost. Building a farmer-customer relationship is very important to us. Building trust with our customers is of the highest priority.

With this being said, there has been a few things really disturb me lately in the meat industry. One of them is the claims of some producers claiming to be raising and marketing a certain product when the truth couldn’t be farther from their claims. Regulations on labels are so weak, that they are meaningless. One example is the USDA recently dropped any requirements on grass fed beef. Any individual producer can now write their own definition of grass fed to fit their operation and label it as grass fed, no matter how much grain they have been fed.  The GMO labeling issue has been hotly debated here lately also, with some major food processors now saying they will voluntarily label products with GMOs. This seems to be a step in the right direction, but I am a little leery about it. Why would they just voluntarily start labeling, after just spending 100’s of millions of dollars fighting against it. I smell a rat, but hopefully it all works out for the good.

Until next time, eat well.  Phil